Quercetin – Immunity Support

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Quercetin, a flavonoid extracted from plants, possesses anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a potent antioxidant, combating free radicals responsible for cell oxidation. As a naturally occurring phytochemical, it exhibits promising bioactive effects to help support the immune system.

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How does Quercetin work?
People take Quercetin to help manage a variety of issues, including: Heart and vessel problems, Lowering blood pressure, Prostate infections, Preventing upper respiratory infections, Allergies, & Disease prevention. Some athletes use it support endurance and athletic performance.

What’s the dose?
The usual dose is 1 capsule per day.

What do the caps contain?
Each 500mg gelatin capsule contains 450mg of Quercetin  (95% pure extract) and 50mg of vitamin C.
Quercetin by itself isn’t well absorbed into the body,  we have combined it with vitamin C which significantly improves absorption, while at the same time also amplifies quercetins immune boosting properties.

Are there side effects?
If you have any serious health issues, heart conditions, or are taking other medications, it is crucial to consult your doctor before considering this product.

What is the estimated delivery time?
Delivery time varies based on the location and type of order.
For New Zealand customers, if you place your order before 2pm, you can expect to receive it the following business day.
International shipments usually take 1 – 2 weeks. Once your order is dispatched, we will send you an email notification along with a tracking number for your convenience.
Please note that orders are shipped daily from Monday to Friday.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
If, by any chance, you are not completely satisfied with the results, you can choose to return the products within 60 days of purchase. We are more than happy to provide a full refund (excluding any shipping fees) for any number of unopened bottles and up to one opened bottle, regardless of whether it’s completely empty! Please contact us for return instructions.

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