Kiwi Fruit Extract


Kiwifruit, known scientifically as Actinidia deliciosa, is a woody vine fruit that originates from southern China. Introduced in 1906 New Zealands first plantation was in Te Puke, with the fruit given the name Chinese gooseberry. It wasnt until 1959 that its name was officially changed to Kiwifruit.

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Each bottle contain 60 pills (take 1 daily)

Kiwifruit contains a variety of essential nutrients, Prebiotics, Enzymes & Fibre. especially vitamins C, and K. It also contains significant levels of vitamin E and dietary fiber. Additional nutrients in the fruit include carotenoids such as beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Kiwifruit is used for digestion and bowel health, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, asthma, eye health, sleep, and benefits the immune system. It is an anti oxidant that can fight the signs of premature ageing, cause by oxidative damage to cells.

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