L-Glutamine – Support Muscle Health


Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid circulating in the blood as well as stored in the skeletal muscles. Glutamine is a diverse amino acid that is utilized in numerous vital functions. It is necessary for rapidly dividing cells, including those of the gut and immune system.

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Glutamine, the most abundant free amino acid in the blood and skeletal muscles, serves various essential functions in the body. It plays a vital role in stimulating glycogen synthase, the enzyme responsible for synthesizing and storing glycogen, which can lead to enhanced fuel reserves in muscles and the liver when supplemented.

Additionally, Glutamine is a diverse amino acid utilized in critical processes, including supporting rapidly dividing cells in the gut and immune system. Studies have demonstrated that L-Glutamine supplementation can effectively minimize muscle breakdown and enhance protein metabolism, making it a valuable asset for those looking to optimize their muscle health and overall performance.

What are the ingredients?
Contains 500mg of L-glutamine.
This essential amino acid plays a crucial role in supporting athletic performance and overall well-being

Whats the recommended dosage?
Each bottle contain 90 pills (Take 3 – 6 pills.)

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