Sheep Placenta


Sheep Placenta is a bi-product of lambing. Its an organ which links the lamb fetus to the mother for the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. Thanks to modern science, we can extract the beneficial compounds from freshly collected placenta, and provide it in a concentrated form, in an easy to take capsule.

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Its a rich source of nutrients, and stem cells, to help rejuvenate the skin, boost immunity and promote general health and well-being. Its often used for its anti ageing benefits, and although its only become popular in western society in recent times, the Chinese have been using it to boost vitality and slow ageing, for over 1000 years.

Our Sheep Placenta capsules and made from healthy NZ grown, pasture fed sheep placenta, which has been fortified with Vitamin E & C, Zinc, Collagen, and Grape seed extract, which work synergistically together to get you the most benefits from the capsules.

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