Immunity Booster Pack


Four key daily supplements you should be taking to keep your immunine function at its best


The immunity booster pack is good combination for those who want a simple regime of supplements that should be taken to keep their immune system in top functioning condition. This specific combination, as recopmmended by Dr Zelenko can be beneficial to the immune system against the types of viruses that cause resperatry illness, such as the flu, and covid.

The pack consists of
1 Bottle of Quercetin (60 capsules) RRP $49
1 Bottle of K2D3 (60 capsules) RRP $18
1 Bottle of NAC (60 capsules) RRP $39
1 Bottle of VitaZinc (90 capsules) RRP $18

The usual dose is 1 capsule of each per day, or 2 capsules if you become symptomatic

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